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  • "认识并从师Sarah的两年半,受益良多,更新了旧的我 ..."
  • "Yi Dance is simply an amazing dance school. I have always wanted to try dance and this dance school just captivated me and made me want to continue. I would not have continued i..."

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Toronto's Best Chinese Dance School


Yi Dance  is a prestigious dance school in Toronto.  Representing the highest standard of Chinese dance in Toronto and Canada, teamed up with some of Toronto's best dance instructors in ballet and contemporary dance, equipped with multiple state-of-the-art dance studios, Yi Dance brings standard dancing techniques, brilliant dancing performance, profound dancing culture, and quality training to dancers across Toronto. 

Yi Dance is dedicated to teaching and choreography of Chinese dance, ballet and modern dance.  The vision of Yi Dance is to share the first-class teaching and dancing resources of Beijing Dance Academy and word-wide dance institutes with friends in Toronto and Canada who are fond of dance.  Founded in 2012 in Toronto as an elite dance school, Yi Dance has earned its reputation for unmatched teaching quality and attracted hundreds of aspiring students.

Yi Dance offers top-quality dance classes in various classical and contemporary dances for children, adults, dance professionals and dance lovers.   It also provides choreography, direction of solo and group dancing, and one-on-one dance instruction on demand.  RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) classes and Chinese Dance Exam classes are part of the proven quality offerings at Yi Dance that maintains 100% pass rate in these international standard examinations.   


熠舞蹈学校 是多伦多享有一流教学水平的高级舞蹈学校,代表多伦多和加拿大最高水准的中国舞蹈,荟萃纯专业的中国舞,芭蕾舞和现代舞等精英教师,拥有多伦多和加拿大华人最专业的舞蹈教师团队和多个现代化的专业级舞蹈教室。系统,科学,严谨,全面地培训中国舞(包括中国古典舞,中国民族民间舞),芭蕾, 现代舞,当代舞,爵士舞和流行舞等

熠舞蹈学校 坐落在多伦多万锦市,由毕业于北京舞蹈学院本科及研究生的著名舞蹈教师和编导Sarah Li老师精心创办,以高度的艺术水准及深度的艺术底蕴致力于推进多伦多和加拿大华人舞蹈教学的系统化和专业化,给专业和业余舞者带来高质量的正规舞蹈训练和教学,让学生学有所得,得有所值,提高艺术情操,增强自信和美丽,并受益终身。

熠舞蹈学校 设各类少儿舞蹈班,青少年舞蹈班,及成人舞蹈班,包括英皇芭蕾及中国舞考级。本着严谨的教学态度和理念,熠舞蹈学校对专业舞蹈和业余舞蹈学员都是认真教学,严格要求,倾听学生和家长需要,尽心尽力带好每一个学生。精湛、活泼的教学团队给学生的舞艺带来了长足的提高。英皇芭蕾考级连年以优异成绩全部通过,中国舞考级(包括教师班)亦是100%通过率。舞蹈课程成为众多学生每周最期盼和快乐的时光……


"If we are indifferent to the art of dancing, we have failed to understand, not merely the supreme manifestation of physical life, but also the supreme symbol of spiritual life. "

-- Henry Havelock Ellis







Are you looking for the best Chinese Dance School in Toronto?

Located in Markham of Greater Toronto Area(GTA), Yi Dance School provides the highest-quality training of Chinese dance,ballet and modern dance in Toronto.